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Luxury Destination Club Membership
Garnering the attention of the affluent audience is a difficult task. In many cases, these are busy executives who are time-starved and demand the best of everything. So when it comes to explaining their best option for luxury vacations and time away with family and friends, it is essential to use the best channels, with compelling campaigns. Exclusive Resorts, the worldwide leading luxury destination club, has been targeting this elusive audience for the past eight years, offering access to hundreds of multi-million dollar luxury residences located in over 30 destinations around the world. The travel experience Exclusive Resorts’ offers is consistently world-class, and they wanted to deliver their value proposition and points of differentiation in an even more focused way.
Exclusive Resorts partnered with Direct Connect Group (DCG), who has broad travel marketing experience. DCG researched the most viable direct marketing channels for reaching the affluent audience and constructed a series of integrated marketing campaigns that piqued the interest of potential Exclusive Resorts members in a compelling and cost-effective manner.   DCG leveraged targeted direct mail, email, and personalized URLs with unique landing pages into affluent data sources to accurately target the desired audience. They then followed-up with a series of Exclusive Resorts-driven triggered marketing touches to those who initially responded.
Through the partnership with DCG, Exclusive Resorts has documented a 65% increase in response rate to their direct marketing campaigns and has been able to keep costs flat from previous campaign efforts. Additionally, through the partnership with DCG, Exclusive Resorts has been able to dedicate a full-time staff member to outside projects since the direct marketing efforts were fully executed by DCG.   “It’s been great working with DCG on our direct marketing campaigns. Their recommendations and flawless execution has resulted in double-digit response increases! And because they understand the travel industry and are able to handle all aspects of our campaigns, my time has been freed up to concentrate on our overall marketing strategy and goals.” -- Karen Fields, VP, Marketing, Exclusive Resorts

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